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Grocery, Brown Kraft

Features gussets and self-opening thumb notches.

Grocery, White Bleached Kraft

Features gussets and self-opening thumb notches.


Great for Cookies, Candy, Coffee or anything that you wish to keep away from air. These bags all have clear poly laminated inner liners and tin tie tops (metal tabs enclosed in paper with which to close bag). The tin tie tops create a reusable and recloseable bag. Sold by the case of 1000 or by the package of 100, all priced by the package.


Attractive, translucent bags for baked goods, small food items and film negatives. FDA and USDA approved. Grease resistant. Use as liners to protect your products and packaging.


Quickly package multiple purchases in these heavy duty bags. Square-bottom bags stand alone for convenient packaging. Strong, twisted paper handles make purchases easy to carry. Matte finish 60-80 lb. paper. Durable bags can be used again and again. Custom printing available.

White Dry Wax

Protective bakery and foodservice bag. Preserves freshness. Fresh white stock, waxed on both sides. White bags. Unprinted bags. Dimensions: 6-1/8 in. x 4 in. x 12-3/8 in. Case of 1000 bags. 8 LB bags.

White High Density Grocery

The most common plastic shopping bag sizes as well as the most economical sizes to manufacture. By offering this select line of retail bags, the customer will get a GREAT bag at a GREAT price delivered immediately after approval.

Bakery White

A must for every bakery. Available in silent white.


Keep food fresh with our 100% plant fiber cellophane bags, an ecological alternative to plastic food bags. Great for packed lunches, produce, bread, snacks, and storage.

Fresh Bread Bag

Our Small "Fresh Bread" Loaf Bread Bags will compliment any loaf of bread. With great wholesale pricing, our stylish bread bags will be appreciated by customers at very small costs.

Poly Produce

We recognize the value of bags to your produce department and have a variety of bag sizes and configurations available to meet your needs. We offer all varieties of bags with minimum sizes of 2 1/8", 2 ¼", 2 ½", and 3".