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Low Density Polyethylene Patch Handle Bags

These bags have a reinforced handle that adds strength and durability for a number of uses: trade shows, book and music stores, clothing boutiques or anywhere you need a stronger, longer lasting bag. Made of durable but lightweight polyethylene, Patch-handle bags carry more weight than die-cut handle bags. Custom artwork services available.

Garment Bags

Low density poly garment bags suitable for suits, dresses and gowns. Available in many colors – plain or printed with your logo.

High density Polyethylene Bags

This popular bag is a high molecular, high density polyethylene bag with white shipboard bottom.

High Density Merchandise Bag

These bags offer the stiffness of paper along with properties usually associated with plastic bags: moisture proof, grease resistant, lightweight, tough and economical. Choose from a variety of colors. Custom printing is available. Also available with die cut handles. Sizes eange from 6.5" x 9.5" to 24" x 36".

Low Density Polyethylene Bags

Handle bags are the most economical solution in an industrial carry bag. These bags are good for lightweight products as they are about the same thickness as a standard plastic grocery produce bag. All colors are translucent except black.

Poly Sheeting

Created for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Polyethylene Sheeting is waterproof, rot proof, and resistant to many chemicals.

Poly Tubing

Crystal Clear Poly Tubing is mainly used for enclosing rolled posters, but can be used to protect other cylindrical items. The measurement represents the flat width of the tube, not the diameter after being filled.

Polyethylene Zip Bags

Polyethylene Zip Bags are an affordable alternative to Crystal Clear Zip Bags. These bags provide an affordable alternative when clarity is as not critical. Conservation-safe, available in 2 and 4 mil.+/- 1/16" sizing.