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Kraft Wrapping Paper

Kraft wrap is available in a variety of widths, strengths and colors to meet your particular needs.

Foam Cushioning

Our foam is engineered for tough, tear-resistant heavy-duty packaging. Available in six thicknesses ranging from 1/32" – 1/2".

Foam Rolls

JamPak carries polyethylene foam rolls that offer superior cushioning for your packaging protection. Made of tiny, closed air cells, this material is virtually crushproof and will absorb repeated shocks. Protects polished surfaces, fragile items. Available in 48" bundles unless stated otherwise.

Cellulose Wadding / Cushion Pak

All-purpose cellulose wadding consists of multiple plies of processed corrugated papers. As an interior packaging material, it works to absorb shock and to protect surfaces and finishes at an economical cost.

Bubble Wrap

High strength air bubbles with built-in cushioning are provided in rolls for packaging safety and convenience. JamPak stocks light weight, transparent bubble film in both a standard polyethylene that provides maximum mechanical strength and also in a special grade that utilizes a nylon core engineered to meet long-term storage and shipping requirements. Available in clear and anti-static.


Bubble Wrap Dispensing Carton

Our handy dispensing cartons of bubble wrap offers a solution when space is limited. This convenient dispensing carton is ideal for gift shops and other retail outlets. Perforated every 12". One roll per carton.

Flowable Dunnage Dispensers

A wide variety of flowable Dunnage dispensers is available.

Flo Pak

Resembling a figure 8, this flowable cushioning material provides a versatile, clean and light weight method of protective packaging. Interlocking, polystyrene particles work to surround, secure and cushion a fragile item within its container. Flo Pak brand is the only loose fill material manufactured entirely from recycled materials. Available in 14 cubic foot bags, 168 cubic foot bags and bulk.


Resembling an S shape, Pelespan loose fill has a neutral pH and resist moisture and fungus formation. It can even provide temporary protection from temperature extremes because of the insulating properties of foamed polystyrene. See equipment section for more information on bulk systems. Available in antistatic 14 cubic foot bags and bulk.


Resembling a wine cork shape, Renature is 100% biodegradable. Comes in 14 cubic foot bags as well as bulk.

Corrugated Rolls

Single face corrugated rolls are stocked in both premium and regular grades. Used as a cushioning and protective wrap to reduce breakage during shipping.

Flexible Corrugated Rolls

Similar to regular corrugated rolls but with diagonal scoring for easier wrapping. B-flute. 250 Linear feet. Available in the same widths as regular rolls.

Newsprint / Dunnage

18" x 24" – 50"/bundle, approximately 1670 sheets per bundle. 24" x 36" – 50#/bundle, approximately 833 sheets per bundle.

White Butcher Paper

widths available: 15", 18", 24", 36", 48". Basis Weight Available 40 lb or 50 lb.


White, reinforced paper is ideal for wrapping glassware, china and other fragile items.

Convoluted Foam

Protection of products from possible damage during packing, shipping and storage is a primary function provided by effective packaging. Foamed plastics exhibit cushioning properties that fulfill the ultimate need for absorbing shocks, providing insulation and stabilizing the product in position.

Cushion Blocking

Cushion blocking strategically places blocks, pads or saddles at corners, edges or faces of the product to provide suspension away from the wall of the container.