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Edge Protectors

Foam Corner Blocks

Packaged in corrugated cartons. No set-up necessary. Used for corner protection when cushioning is required. Molded Polystyrene, Fabricated Polyethylene, and resilient Molded Bead.

Corrugated Corner Pads

Furnished flat. No tape, glue or staples necessary. Assemble in seconds. Used for corner protection for furniture, cabinets, windows, doors, pictures, etc. All dimensions are inside dimensions.

V-Board Protector

Paper-board edge protectors protect and help contain your product on a pallet. Standard stock sizes range from .090 to .500 caliper in thickness, and 1.5" to 84" in length. Custom printing, standard caution warnings and water resistant coatings are also available.

Edge Protectors

Molded Polystyrene Foam. Packaged in corrugated cartons. No set-up necessary. Used for edge protection when cushioning is required.

Cellulose Wadding

All-purpose cellulose wadding consists of multiple plies of processed corrugated papers. As an interior packaging material, it works to absorb shock and to protect surfaces and finishes at an economical cost.

Bubble Wrap

High strength air bubbles with built-in cushioning are provided in rolls for packaging safety and convenience. JamPak stocks light weight, transparent bubble film in both a standard polyethylene that provides maximum mechanical strength and also in a special grade that utilizes a nylon core engineered to meet long-term storage and shipping requirements. Available in clear and anti-static.