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Bulk Flow System

Automatically releases the right amount of peanuts or loose fill into your carton depending on how you program it. Portable, efficient, heavy duty.

Loose Fill Dispenser

Squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of peanuts. Includes rope and two pulleys. Mounts to warehouse ceiling. Durable, rot resistant canvas bag has reinforced flexible tubing attached. Dispenses all types of loose fill.

Carton Sealer

The Carton sealing machine can be used for single use or production line. It adopts adhesive tape to seal carton, it is economical and fast, easy to adjust. It can finish the sealing both top and bottom. Also you can adjust the height and width for different cartons. Widely used in home appliance, textile, food, general merchandise, medical, chemical and agricultural industries.

Gummed Tape Sealer

After a carton is loaded on the conveyor, the carton can be sealed with upper and bottom tapes simultaneously. The allowed packing size ranges 150+mm long, 480 wide, and 500 mm high. The 2 inch taping head can be replaced with the 3 inch one instantly. An adjustable and robust 10 inch base structure. The casters (standard) can be modified to any size.

Heat Sealer

Designed for shrink film packaging, our heat sealers come in several sizes and can be used for poly bag sealing. Works just like a hand sealer. Sealer usually comes with round wire for cut and seal. Depending on the model of the machine, film up to 34" wide and 0.025mm (100 gauge) thickness can be used. All sealers are of steel construction including the work base for quality and durability. Timer, heat gun holder, film roller, film separator and cutter unit are some of the different features of the sealers. Best of all, they are easy to operate.

L-Bar Sealer

Our high grade L bar sealers can be conveniently handled and used for long time offering maximum productivity in minimum time. These L bar sealer machines can be availed in different dimensions as per the size of the products.

Tape Case Sealer

Operator-fed, adjustable, carton sealing machines are designed to cater to the needs of light to heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. The two bottom belts are driven by one bottom drive electric 110V UL approved motor. The MBD series are also designed with four adjustable legs for quick easy height adjustment to production lines. All systems incorporate our exclusive pop out pressure sensitive “High Speed” tape heads with patented tab adjustment.

Paper Dolly

Make loading easier on any Classic model with an easy lift paper dolly.

Industrial Paper Cart

Keep production moving when you have a second roll of paper mounted to the tabletop or horizontal models with this optional paper cart.