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Stock Corrugated

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap sticks to itself, not the product. Wraps tightly and neatly around odd-sized, large or small objects. Available in clear or anti-static. Leaves no residue on wrapped item. Ideal for warehouses, mailrooms or retail stores. Can be slit and perforated to fit your needs. All items come in 48” bundles.

Cellulose Wadding

Our Cellulose Wadding is a versatile and soft cushioning product that wraps around any shape product. The multi-layer wadding absorbs oil and water, and is non-abrasive. Perforated every 12” for easy use. Can be reused or recycled.

Self-Locking Bottle Packs

Corrugated, die-cut. 125# Test #3 white outside, furnished flat. Fits all standard wine, liquor and champagne bottles. Ideal for carry-out, gifts and storage.

Corner Pads

Corrugated, die-cut. 125# Test #3 white outside, furnished flat.

Foam Corner Blocks

Packaged in corrugated cartons. No set-up necessary. Used for corner protectoin when cusioning is required.

Magazine Literature File

32 ETC #3 White outside, furnished flat. No tape or glue necessary. Not to be used as a shipper.

Bin Boxes

32 ETC #3 White outside, unless otherwise noted. Rigid, self-locking construction.

Pads and Sheets

200# Test, Singlewall C Flute, #3 White 1 side unless otherwise noted. First dimension listed indicates the direction of corrugation.

Bulk Containers

Seal with tape, glue or staples. Used for air freight and truck freight consolidation. All dimensions are outside dimensions, except where noted.

Five Panel Folders and Triangle Tubes

32 ETC #3 White outside. Self-locking ends, furnished flat.

Meat Pattie Boxes

32 ETC 33 White outside. For storage and shipping ground or processed meats. Furnished flat. Seal with tape, glue or staples.

Self-Locking Five Panel Folders and Triangle Tubes

32 ETC #3 White outside. Self-Locking ends, furnished flat.

One Piece Folders

32 ETC #3 White outside. Furnished flat. Set up and seal in seconds with tape or glue.

Corrugated Mailers (Die-Cut)

32 ETC #3 White outside unless otherwise noted. Furnished flat-rigid, self-locking design sets up in seconds.

Slotted Containers

All regular Slotted Containers (RSC’s) are manufactured to meet Rule 41, Item 222 and ASTM Standard Practice D5118.