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Filament Tape

High-Performance Filament Tape Transparent tape reinforced with continuous glass yarn filaments. Use for the closure and reinforcement of corrugated fiberboard boxes and for holding and bundling.

Poly Strapping

Polyester strapping is used when regular polypropylene strapping isn't strong enough to get the job done. Polyester strap most closely resembles steel strapping in its physical characteristics. Polyester strapping will withstand higher tensioning than other plastic strapping up to 25% higher, with equivalent break strengths. It will retain tension on rigid loads better than other non-metallic strapping.

Sealing Tape

These tapes deliver convenience and dependability every time you use them. They are built tough to resist score line breaking and center seam splitting even when boxes are handled roughly. They are available in a variety of lengths, widths, and colors. We also offer a complete line of printed and security box closure tapes to address most tampering and pilfering problems.

Twines and Strings

A complete range of natural and synthetic twines in an infinite variety of sizes, thicknesses and specifications for a multitude of packaging and food requirements. May be used in the following industries: packaging, sewing, baling, butchery, general food, recycling, upholstery and retailing.

Twist Ties

Superior cable ties that meet stringent requirements for tensile strength, insertion force and application as defined in UL and Military requirements. Our cable and twist ties assure consistent, reliable quality. The one-piece design of the cable tie offers swift, strong and consistent fastening with the lowest insertion force and highest tensile strength.

Rubber Bands

Whether it be standard stationery rubber bands, large rubber bands designed for holding trash can liners in place, big rubber bands strong enough to secure boxes on a pallet or covers on furniture, specialty rubber bands used with anything from agricultural products to securing lobster claws or custom printed rubber bands used to promote your cause or business or to label anything you can think of, give us a call.

Manual Combination Sealless Tool for Steel Strapping

Combination Tools combine the functions of tensioning, sealing, and cutting. Combination tools increase productivity by reducing the amount of tools and as it is sealless, eliminates the need for seals. The sealless joint creates higher joint efficiency and lower overall costs.

Manual Sealer

The side-action sealer's lower handle can be rested on the flat surface of the unit being strapped. Operators can apply much of their weight with both hands on the upper handle. Generally for heavier strapping applications. Double reverse notch.

Manual Tensioner

OMulti-purpose, low tension feedwheel tensioner. Polyester Strapping Up To 3/4 Inch.

Manual Tightener

Recommended for use with poly strapping kits to tighten and cut off excess strapping.

Poly Buckle

Plastic and wire buckles are used in plastic strapping applications of low volume and where cost is a factor. The manual operation requires no tools for securing the strap, only for cutting. The strapping is threaded through the buckle and tightened manually without the use of a tool. For applications which require additional tightening, a poly buckle tensioner should be used. This tool helps ensure a tighter, more secure package.

Foam Corner Blocks

High density molded corner and edge drop test protection. These tough parts will absorb shock of multiple drops. Dry molded material fusion strength means no loose beads all over your delivered package after transit abuse. Corner Blocks & Edge Protectors Molded from high density materials. Will absorb drop test punishment.

Corrugated Corner Pads

Furnished flat. No tape, glue or staples necessary. Assemble in seconds. Used for corner protection for furniture, cabinets, windows, doors, pictures, etc. All dimensions are inside dimensions.

V-Board Protector

Paper-board edge protectors protect and help contain your product on a pallet. Standard stock sizes range from .090 to .500 caliper in thickness, and 1.5” to 84” in length. Custom printing, standard caution warnings and water resistant coatings are also available.

Edge Protectors

Molded Polystyrene Foam. Packaged in corrugated cartons. For longer, exposed edge sections; these also help distribute product weight when used with corner blocks, providing added cushioning strength.

Cellulose Wadding

All-purpose cellulose wadding consists of multiple plies of processed corrugated papers. As an interior packaging material, it works to absorb shock and to protect surfaces and finishes at an economical cost.

Bubble Wrap

High strength air bubbles with built-in cushioning are provided in rolls for packaging safety and convenience. JamPak stocks light weight, transparent bubble film in both a standard polyethylene that provides maximum mechanical strength and also in a special grade that utilizes a nylon core engineered to meet long-term storage and shipping requirements. Available in clear and anti-static.