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Wood Supplies

Cubed Crates

Crates are versatile and nest for easy storage. Great for displaying bulk items and small impulse buys. Handled crates also available.

Table Top Crates

We offer crates for table tops that are manufactured from fine quality wood that imparts desirable durability and strength to the crates. As larger slabs of granite and other stones require extra strength in order to beer extra load, we offer these pallets that are made with a greater weight endurance ability.

Wooden Shipping Crates

These are a most versatile packaging material used for storing different types of goods. These wooden crates can be availed from us in different sizes, according to the customer's requirement. Further, we are also offering customization provision, manufacturing wooden crates as per the specifications of the customers. These wooden crates are also available at cheaper rates than fully covered boxes.

Wooden Storage Crates

The wooden crates that we offer are extensively used for storage as well as carriage of slabs. These crates are used for items that have smaller dimensions like mosaic tiles. We also a specially designed and manufactured range of crates for storing handicrafts so as to assure the clients of non–breakage and safe transit.

Storage Pallets

We supply high quality storage pallets that are extensively used for storage purposes. Practical researches enable us to select and use fine quality materials that impart required durability to the finished products. These pallets are also used by a large number of manufacturers for their warehousing purposes. We also customize these storage pallets as per required dimensions and designs for easy storage in the warehouses.

Two-Way Pallets

Catering to the packaging requirements of the customers, we offer two-way pallets that are used for exportable items. These pallets are ideal for light as well as bulky products. Manufactured with precision, the pallets are suitable for safe and secure transit of different types of goods like tiles, slabs and many more. Two-way pallets are open on two sides and are ideal for storing materials with larger dimensions.

Four-Way Pallets

Adding value to our extensive range are the four - way pallets, manufactured from superior quality wood, procured from reliable sources. These pallets can be lifted from any of the four sides and can be easily placed in a container. Four-way pallets are used for packing & storing smaller items that are in bulk.

Cargo Boxes

Over the years, we’ve developed sound knowledge of the packaging material requirements from different customers. Our range caters to the needs of a variety of clients. We offer various sized boxes for goods which get transported via air cargo. We understand air shipment charges well, so we specialize in crates that are lightweight, yet durable.

Plywood Boxes

Plywood boxes are known for their surface dimensional stability and durability. Use of high quality plywood ensures that the box remains resistant to temperature and moisture changes, thus not affecting the quality of the goods that are stored inside.

Machinery Packing Boxes

In addition to light weight wooden boxes, we also supply special wooden boxes for heavy machinery packaging. These boxes are carefully constructed by skilled workers who are efficient in making different types of packaging material.

Wooden Packing Boxes

Wooden boxes have always been used for storage and carriage purposes. The range of wooden boxes that we offer is complete, and always highest in quality.