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Stretch Wrapping

Hand Wrap

There are basically two types of stretch film, cast and blown. Cast film is typically a stiffer film with exceptional load holding force and good puncture resistance. It is also extremely clear and quiet. Blown film is a softer film with good load holding force and exceptional puncture resistance. It is noisy as it is applied and not as clear as cast film. It is excellent when wrapping difficult uneven loads or pallets with pointed corners.

High Capacity Stretch Wrap

Machine grade cast film is a high quality, co-extruded cast film, typically a stiffer film with exceptional load holding force and good puncture resistance. It is also extremely clear and quiet.

Pallet Cover

Pallet Covers are used to cover materials on a pallet or as liners for holding goods packed in containers. These gusseted pallet covers are perfect for light/medium/heavy duty usage. Pleated sides expand to the width of standard pallet; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection.

X-Core Hand Wrap

By far, the best and most cost effective way to hand wrap pallets is to use an extended core hand wrap. Why? Because the extended core makes it possible to stretch the film easily. This means less film is used and loads are wrapped tighter. It also means less fatigue, less injuries and happier workers. If you are wrapping a lot of pallets and your operation does not allow you to use a machine give the guys a break and buy them extended core hand wrap.

Sealing Tape

General purpose tape is ideal for light and medium duty applications. Made with hot melt synthetic rubber resin adhesive that bonds to cardboard, plastic, metal and glass. Polypropylene backing. Rolls measure 2"W x 165"L. Sold 36 per case.

Hand Held Dispenser

Lightweight, high strength cast zinc dispenser with a comfortable foam padded handle allows wrapping close to the bottom of a pallet. Teflon coated core for smooth film stretch. Film tension is adjustable. Accepts film from 12" to 18".

Sealing Film

Our best selling polyolefin film. Puncture resistance works well with irregularly shaped objects. Recommended for gift baskets and pizzas to auto parts and plumbing fixtures. Versatile: Can be used with virtually any shrink machine. Shrinks "friendly." Won't buckle or distort soft and lightweight products. Soft yet strong film protects without damaging packaging. Conforms to hard-to-package products like stationery, textiles and software.

Stretch Wrapper

Provide maximum protection against crushing and bending during shipping. These rigid shipping tubes feature strong sidewalls for additional content protection and locking tabs that don’t require the use of tape or a shipping label. Cartons open along the length of the tube for easy packing. These tubes have a rigid 200#-B oyster white corrugated construction. Ship and store flat.

Twist Ties

Superior cable ties that meet stringent requirements for tensile strength, insertion force and application as defined in UL and Military requirements. Our cable and twist ties assure consistent, reliable quality. The one-piece design of the cable tie offers swift, strong and consistent fastening with the lowest insertion force and highest tensile strength.