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Toilet Paper

Rollmaster Tissue

One-ply tissue refill for our RollMastrĀ® high capacity tissue systems designed to reduce maintenance time and service interruptions, control waste and prevent pilferage. This economical 1-Ply bathroom tissue is designed to reduce maintenance time, minimize outages and reduce waste. Each roll delivers 1,540 sheets of tissue and comes in a convenient 48-roll case, making it a cost-effective solution for customers with high-traffic needs.

Toilet Seat Covers

Quality 1/2-fold paper toilet seat covers in a convenient, reduced case size for a hygienic barrier at an economical cost. Our quality seat covers provide a low-cost alternative to wasteful makeshift seat covers comprising of expensive tissue paper and/or towels prepared by patrons when real seat covers are not provided. Furthermore, they reduce labor and maintenance costs associated with system clogs and restroom litter.