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Gummed Catalog Envelope

Securely seal contents with gummed open end flaps on these catalog envelopes. One time seal gummed flaps provide secure delivery of pamphlets, brochures, booklets, reports, magazines and catalogs. Open end envelopes have a tamper resistant gummed seal flap. Solid in box quantities.

Bubble Mailers

Light-weight bubble mailers save on postage costs. Mailers are constructed from attractive, 100% recycled, golden Kraft paper with high slip 3 / 16" bubble for easy product insertion. Self-seal with convenient, tamper evident peel and stick lip.

Padded Mailers

Safely ship small items in these durable lightweight mailers. Puncture and moisture resistant padded mailers feature interior fibers that expand as packages are handled for safe shipping. Bubble mailers provide easy product insertion with a high slip 3/16” thick bubble lining. For economical shipping use heat-sealing bubble mailers these envelopes seal with heat, tape or staples. Self-sealing mailers provide maximum content safety with a convenient, tamper evident, peel and stick lip. Opening tear strips allows quick and easy access to mailer contents.