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Mailing Tubes

Kraft Mailing Tubes with Caps

Economical Kraft mailing tubes are great for document storage or for mailing. White end caps (included) snap into place to hold contents secure and will not pop off during shipment. Tubes are reusable and recyclable. Tubes are made from strong 3-ply spiral wound construction. Sizes listed are usable space. Actual tube lengths are longer.

Crimped End Tubes

Crimped End Tubes Easily And Securely Close To Reduce Packaging Costs! These crimped end mailing tubes close by simply pinching the ends without the use of tape or a shipping label. Tubes have a rigid 3-ply spiral wound construction that resists bending and the chance of crushing during shipping. Cardboard tubes are reusable and recyclable.

Square Tubes

Insert And Remove Contents Easily With Square Mailing Tubes. Unlike conventional round tubes these shipping tubes feature a unique square construction that prevents rolling on conveyors. These square tubes have a durable, 200#-B oyster white corrugated construction and locking tabs that secure contents during shipping. No tape needed.

Strong, Triangle Shaped Mailing Tubes

Provide maximum protection against crushing and bending during shipping. These rigid shipping tubes feature strong sidewalls for additional content protection and locking tabs that don’t require the use of tape or a shipping label. Cartons open along the length of the tube for easy packing. These tubes have a rigid 200#-B oyster white corrugated construction. Ship and store flat.