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Tissue Paper

Gemstone Tissue

Beautiful holographic colors with gemstone sparkles embedded in the tissue paper will enhance any presentation.

Tiara Tissue

Tiara Tissue is 2-sided metallic tissue paper.

Custom Printed Tissue

Custom Printing is available on tissue. It is the sophisticated finish to any tissue. Your logo, your team insignia, your favorite repeating pattern all send a classy message to your end user.

Stock Design Tissue

Choose from a wide range of traditional and contemporary patterns as well as upscale metallic designs. See stock print swatch book for samples (see details). As denoted by last 3 digits of stock design number. Custom printing up to 8 colors is available.

Crystallized Tissue

Crystallized Tissue. Colored tissue treated on one side and gold, silver, champagne treated on two sides with a crystal material that gives a soft iridescent sparkle to the tissue.

Solid Tissue

Use this assortment of brightly colored tissue paper year-round to wrap presents or line gift boxes and baskets. Mix and match tissue with your boxes and bags for even more colorful gifts.