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Custom Design

There is no greater impact than seeing your logo ship with every product that goes out your door! We offer customization on most of our products.

Artwork Information

Please include distributor name, contact person, phone number and P.O.# with your artwork to help us match orders with the correct artwork. Final art dimension will be determined after reviewing the art.

Artwork Requirements

Black & White Camera-Ready (Hard-Copy Art for One or more Spot Colors)

  • One Color Camera Ready art must be black and white, clean, sharp, 100% in size, and printed at 100 lpi minimum. (lpi=Lines Per Inch)*
  • More than one color Camera Ready art must be black and white, 100% in size, color separated, registered and adjusted for tolerance if it contains tight registration.*
  • Negatives must be clean, scratch-free, and 100% in size.*

* Enlargement and Reduction in size, or any other modifications, will entail an artwork charge.

Digital File Artwork

Computer generated artwork for One or more Spot Colors

  • Macintosh supported graphics files are preferred.
  • Artwork requirements for 1 or more Spot Colors and 4-Color Processes are the following

True Vector Artwork:

  • Art CREATED in Adobe Illustrator and saved as an EPS or AI format,
  • Art CREATED in Freehand and saved as an EPS file,
  • Art CREATED in Quark and saved as an EPS file only,
  • Art CREATED in Corel Draw and saved as an Illustrator - AI file.

For all vector art, all fonts/text must be outlined (also known as: converted into paths or converted into curves).

Pixel based Artwork files:

  • One Color jobs, black and white preferred, art at 100% size saved at a minimum of 600 dpi as a PSD, TIFF, or JPEG file.
  • CMYK/4-Color Process jobs, send a CD if file is over 25MB, art at 100% size saved at a minimum of 300 dpi as a PSD, TIFF, or JPEG file.
  • All pixel based file fonts must be flattened.

Additional Information

  • We need a copy of every file used in the creation of a document, i.e., Fonts, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, AI files, etc.
  • Always provide a hard copy of art either by fax or mail for accuracy checks.
  • On multi color - artwork, please provide a composite file indicating color breakdown/separation.
  • File storage: 3.5" Zip Diskettes and CD's.

Programs from which files are accepted:

  • Adobe Illustrator (up to CS (version 11), fonts Outlined)
  • Adobe Photoshop (up to CS (version 8), fonts Flattened)
  • Quark (up to version 6, saved as an eps file only, fonts Outlined)
  • Macromedia Freehand (up to version 10, saved as an eps file only, convert text to Paths)
  • Corel Draw (up to version 11, saved as an AI file only, convert text to Curves)
    • Up to 7MB
    • Files larger than 7MB or multiple files should be compressed or sumitted in a CD or other storage media.
    • Fax copy of artwork with purchase order.
    • Note: this email is for receving art only. Please contact a customer service representative for all other inquiries.

      Any touch up work will incur artwork charges. Unacceptable artwork includes but not limited to: photocopies, faxed art, printed letterhead, business cards, photographs, and stationery. Sending unacceptable artwork will incur artwork charges.

      Artwork Charges

      Artwork requiring touch up or typesetting will incur a minimum graphic charge of $40.00(g) or $75.00(g) per hour.